Southeast Orlando Schools, Preschools & Daycares

Schools, Preschools & Daycares located in Southeast Orlando Florida

View information on public & private schools plus preschools & daycares located in the southeast Orlando Florida area below with schools’ addresses, phone numbers and their websites if applicable. Now, if you are not sure which public school your children will attend, click on the link to the Orange County Public School District’s ‘Find My School’ page,  click here to go to their page . Just enter your address once you are on the page. (You might have to scroll down on their page itself to see the fields to enter the address in. Plus, I’ve found refreshing the page is helpful also.) School zones are forever changing so we would also advise you to call their office to make sure you have the right school. The phone number for the Orange County Public School District office is 407-317-3233. 

southeast orlando schools

Southeast Orlando FL Public High School:

Lake Nona High School 9 – 12
12500 Narcoossee Road Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407-965-8300
Website for Lake Nona High School, click here.

Southeast Orlando Public Middle School:

Lake Nona Middle School 6 – 8
13700 Narcoossee Road Orlando,  FL 32832
Phone: 407-858-5522
Website for Lake Nona Middle School, click here.

Southeast Orlando FL Public Elementary Schools:

Moss Park Elementary School K – 5
9301 N. Shore Golf Club Blvd. Orlando,  FL 32832
Phone: 407-249-4747
Website for Moss Park School, click here.

NorthLake Park Community School K – 5
9055 North Lake Parkway Orlando,  FL 32827
Phone: 407-852-3500 ext. 2221
Website for NorthLake Park School, click here.

 Southeast Orlando FL Preschools & Daycares:

Discovery Zone Preschool ages (1 – 5 yrs)
9145 Narcoossee Road Orlando, FL 32837
Phone: 321-235-3003
Website for Lake Nona Discovery Zone, click here.  
Extended Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm

Einstein Academy of Lake Nona
9145 Narcoossee Road Orlando, FL 32827
Phone: 407-674-7800

Ladybird Academy of Lake Nona (6 wks – 12 yrs)
10485 Moss Park Road Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407-273-4331
Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm
Website for Ladybird Academy of Lake Nona, click here.  

Primrose School (6 wks – PK)
9915 Vickrey Place Orlando, FL 32827
Phone: 407-982-5567
Website for Primrose School of Lake Nona, click here

SuperKids Academy Lake Nona (Infants – 12yrs)
10743 Narcoossee Road #A17 Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407-674-7966
Hours: 6AM – 7PM
Website for SuperKids Academy Lake Nona, click here.  

Southeast Orlando FL Colleges:

Valencia College Lake Nona Campus
12350 Narcoossee Road Orlando, FL 32832
Phone: 407-582-7100
Website for Valencia College Lake Nona Campus, click  here.

UCF College of Medicine
6850 Lake Nona Blvd. Orlando, FL 32827
Phone: 407-266-1000
Website for UCF College of Medicine, click here.  

UF Research & Academic Center 
6400 Sanger Road Orlando,  FL 32827
Phone: 407-313-7031

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